The Present Time

The Present Time
(Roget's Thesaurus)
<- N
PARAG:The Present Time->N
GRP: \\ N \\ 1
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ the present
the present
the present time
the present day
the present moment
the present juncture
the present occasion
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ the times
the times
the existing time
the time being
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ today
these days
our times
modern times
the twentieth century
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ nonce
GRP: \\ N \\ 2
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ age
time of life
PARAG:The Present Time->Adj
GRP: \\ Adj \\ 1
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ present
that is
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ present-day
PARAG:The Present Time->Adv
GRP: \\ Adv \\ 1
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 1 \\ at this time
at this time
at this moment
&c. 113
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 1 \\ at the present time
at the present time
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 1 \\ now
at present
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 1 \\ at hand
at hand
GRP: \\ Adv \\ 2
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 2 \\ at this time of day
at this time of day
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 2 \\ already
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 2 \\ even now
even now
but now
just now
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 2 \\ on the present occasion
on the present occasion
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 2 \\ for the time being
for the time being
for the nonce
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 2 \\ pro hac vice
pro hac vice
GRP: \\ Adv \\ 3
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 3 \\ on the nail
on the nail
on the spot
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 3 \\ on the spur of the moment
on the spur of the moment
until now
Sgm: \\ Adv \\ 3 \\ to this day
to this day
to the present day

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